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(updated February 5, 2018 )

Featured Horse:


Silver Moon

2014 bay Oldenburg gelding
17.0+ hh
Sire: Sir Donnerhall
Dam: Star mare by KWPN Bismarck
Premium foal with a total score of 8.1 at his inspection
FEI Dressage prospect

power house with fantastic conformation
very sweet and willing character
gorgeous movements
lots of natural suspenson & impulsion

Sir Donnerhall is known as Sire of World Champions, Winners of the German national championships, price record setters and licensing champions. Reserve Champion at licensing, stallion performance test winner, Premium sire, World Champion and Grand Prix horse himself he has in impressive breeding index of 152 point s with 99% reliability.

Special price for a limited time $25,500
For your chance to own a future Grand Prix horse call now!

Black Lightning

Black Lightning Horses Inc. has been the home of highly successful Advanced Level Dressage horses, eventers and jumpers for many years. It is a magnificent facility located between Milton and Rockwood and only minutes away from Guelph, Georgetown, Campbellville and Acton.

First operated for more than 10 years as boarding, training and show facility the focus shifted them to breeding, showing and horse sales. After many years in the industry we are now winding down our horse operation and offer our last few gems for sale to the right homes. Since classical Dressage and breeding high quality European bloodline has always been the guiding principals for us you will find top level horses here that will be a delight for amateur or pro.


Petra training a Grand Prix horse


We are dedicated to follow the traditional principles of the art of classical Dressage. Dressage should be the fundament for all other disciplines of riding because its goal is to gymnastice and thus en-able the horse to carry the rider's weight comfortably and perform without resistance for many, many years.

In contrast to some of the training methods that you often see even famous Dressage riders use the truly classical Dressage training "educates" the horse without force or rushing to use its body under the rider in the most natural way possible. Only harmony between horse and rider paired with respect for each other will bring a horse to shine in all its glory and beauty. Classical Dressage takes into account the laws of nature for each movement together with the individual build, temperament and character of the horse to create without resistance or force an equine partner who performs willingly and with expression with the rider to their best abilities. Balance, flexibility and suppleness are the fundamentals on which you can build on to go where ever you like: higher level Dressage, jumping, eventing, hunter, pleasure or driving. A horse which is relaxed and willing in body and mind will make every ride enjoyable for the rider and itself.


horses kissing


But turning a horse into an high performance athlete like this does not start and end with the training alone. In order to keep our equine friend and partner as happy and healthy as possible we have to provide him with the opportunity to truly be a horse in his spare time. To allow a horse to follow its nature means keeping horses in a small group together with other horses so that they can interact socially and granting them as much turn-out as possible. A horse as a flight and herd animal is not meant to be locked up alone in an enclosed stall all day long even if that seems to be the ultimate heaven for some humans. Its spirit will wither away and its natural shine will dim.

At the Black Lightning the horses are provided with everything that is needed to be an athlete and still be a happy horse: the right training and the best possible care.


horses running